Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flirt with Dirt

I finished my first trail run on June 13th. It was harder than I thought and we ended the race by running up a hill. Fun right? Kathy was there waiting for me at the bottom of the hill and ran with me up to the finish. Thanks Kathy!! I looked at the official race time and I ran the 5K in 41:16. This is not my best 5K time but I am proud that I was able to run it and finish.

Kathy and my mom came out to cheer me on. We had a good weekend and I was able to show them around some of Ann Arbor. I took them to Zingerman's (of course) for lunch, went to Kerrytown, and then walked down main street. It was a good day and I felt good even though I ran.

Here are some of the pictures from the Flirt with Dirt

Before the run

The Beginning

The hill at the end.
Finished! (and don't look too tired)