Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas and New Years

Happy New Year Everyone!
2008 was an interesting year for Mike and I. We decided to move back to Michigan after I received a new job offer. I am still enjoying my chaplain position at the University of Michigan Hospital System. Mike continues to work at finding a job here in Michigan. Mike has been awesome. This is the third move where he has not had a job when we have moved. I love you honey!!
We made the trek to New York for Christmas. We had a great time with family and I got to reconnect with an old friend from high school. The funny part was Caitlin and I lived in the Central Florida area for a year and only reconnected after I moved back to Michigan.
I have the best nephews and niece. Mike and I had a great time with Jacob and Evan. Mike put together train tracks and we danced to songs in movies. Mason and Ben have gotten so TALL and I can't believe they are thirteen! It was great to send time with them and Abby as well. Abby is as beautiful as ever.
During the Johnville Christmas my sister Kathy and I had a boxing match by playing Wii sports. If you are on facebook Sandi Johnville posted a great picture of us. We had a lot of fun playing games with the whole family and even convinced my mom to play.
New Years was spent in Chicago with our good friends Jon and Liz. This has been eight years in the making and we were so thankful to be there. In the spirit of gaming we played Rock Band almost all night and had a great time. Jon went to the Winter Classic (Go Red Wings!!!) and we watched from the warmth of Jon and Liz's house.
I hope this new year will be the start of many good things. I hope to run at least two 5Ks in the spring. In doing some research I have found a few that may be fun. I will keep you updated. I also hope that Mike and I will buy a house.
We will see what 2009 has in store for us.
May you be blessed in this new year!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update, Lindsay! I miss seeing you here in these parts but I'm glad I can keep in touch by reading about what is going on with you...

I remember 2008 New Years was brought in at your apartment...and I got to try Mike's awesome burgers! This year was much more low key...just hung around the house and went to bed early. No plans. But, I am convinced, that with a baby on the way, that is NOT foreshadowing for the coming year!

Miss you...lots of hugs!!