Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Pants

Yep it is official I have bought my first pair of snow pants since junior high school. I got a great deal on them. They are for skiing or snowboarding so they were originally $135 but I got them for $40! Then Mike and I stop by TJ Maxx to look for snow pants for him but I found a ski jacket for $25 (original price $165)! Yes it is “such a deal.”
Why am I buying these things you ask? Well Mike and I are going up to the Wisconsin Dells to Cascade Mountain with our friends Jon and Liz. Jon’s family has gone up there for many years now for a tubing weekend. Liz and I might have Mike teach us to snowboard too while we are there.
Mike and I are really looking forward to some winter fun in the snow.
Speaking of Mike it was his birthday on Tuesday. Happy Birthday honey! I was able to take the day off and we had a good day of hanging out together. Then my in-laws took us out to dinner at the Gandy Dancer. It is a very nice restaurant and we had a good time together. Mike was able to have lobster, crab, and mussels.
Mike and I have also begun to look for houses and townhouses. We hope to find something in Ann Arbor so that I can ride the bus. Yes I am one of those silly people who enjoy riding the bus.
I think that is all the fun news for now!

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