Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Short Goodbyes

Edith Ellis was my grandmother. She was a vibrant lady who loved her family, cards, and in her own words she "never met a man she didn't like." Last friday I officiated her funeral. She had a short two month struggle with colon cancer. I was able to spend some time with her before she was transferred to hospice care and say my goodbyes. My grandmother asked me to prayer for her which brought me to tears. When I asked her what we should pray for she said "for peace and comfort." Now that is my prayer for my family and myself. We have had a long six years and have seen a lot of loss.
If I have learned anything from my grandmother is to live life to the fullest on your own terms and cherish family and friends. I will miss my grandma... and I am so glad that Webster Comfort Care ( webstercomfortcare.org ) took such good care of her.

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