Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Petunia Lady

The Petunia Lady...
to this day I don't remember her real name.
She was the first person I ever "bought" (my parent's bought) flowers for my garden. My garden at that point in my life was a big tractor tire with dirt in it. Every year I would fill it with petunias or as I grew older different and varied flowers. This started my love of gardening and I do still like petunias.
We also had a vegetable garden at the house on Congdon Road behind the barn. Fresh vegetables from my dad's garden was just a way of life and I had hoped when I got my first house that I would be able to grow my own vegetable garden.
Yesterday I bought lots of vegetable plants and a few flowers for my garden beds in the backyard. This evening I planted rosemary, basil, peppers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, and a blackberry bush. I hope that it will grow well and yield enough vegetables and fruit to share. I am really excited and hopeful. It has taken a lot of work to get these beds ready but I will tend to my garden.
As I was finishing planting a butterfly came into the garden to visit. Maybe it really was dad coming for a visit and hopefully blessing not only the garden, vegetables, fruits, but me as well.
Now I may not be the petunia lady but maybe one day a child will remember me in the same fond way I remember her.

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Jennifer said...

Would love to see how your garden progresses!